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Is it life always this hard? Sometimes I wondered why we make it so hard to ourselves when little things we make them big, I used to be like this, but now I realize there is much more, so many other things that can be really difficult situations, and those are the ones that we really need to survive, any small thing that happened before is just a preparation for the next one, or things that come on your way to teach you things, that you are probably going to use in some near future.
It’s so hard to understand all the problems that God decides to put in our ways. It is very difficult to accept mistakes, confrontations and problems that appear in our lives. We would like to think of it as if it was a nightmare and that we just need to wake up, the problem is we never wake up and we keep living on that living hell day by day. The thing is that if we could be more conscious about it, we could try to change this ‘hell’ you refer to, we can decide how to live through life and we don’t have to always stay there. For as bad as it looks even when things seem to have no solution, they always have, and the secret of that is… IN YOUR MIND. When you decide how to rule your life and your situation, whether you decide to stick to the problems and just stare at the black point, or to start moving and search for a small tiny light, which eventually will appear if you just look for it.
God always shows us the path, but even if he rubs that in your face, we are so blinded with the black spots (all the negative parts of the situation) that we don’t see it, because we only see what we want to see, it is harder for someone to find something unexpectedly, than to the ones that just keep looking and searching for more, with their hopes high, thinking positively, eventually they are going to find something, and sometimes even more of what they expected.
So basically why stick to the bad, when you can find good.
Even if you are facing the death of a beloved person, this can seem impossible, but just think about it, you decide what to feel, I mean is a fact that you are going to miss him, that you are not going to have that person next to you again, until your time comes too, so meanwhile if you are still on Earth, find your path don’t stop there just wondering why you are still here, if you are here, there’s a reason for it, so look for it, and do not give up.
Life is hard, that is proven, but in this times, a new era is starting, and now scientists and many other people are living through this new life, a “new life” I refer to a different way of thinking and looking at things, as if we are changing of glasses, and now we are looking through mind mirror, which reflects what’s on your mind, heart and your soul. So you need to start looking at things from the positive side and the negative anymore; this is probably a hard thing to accept at first…
But believe me if you decide to just try it, just try to talk in a positive way, to refer to people in a positive sense, to take out of your language all those bad feelings(anger, rage, fear, hate). I can assure you your life is about to change, change your lenses prescription and start looking to life not as a game where you have to beat the others, but more as an experience of which you have to take as much as you can and live it fully for your own experience.
Do not waste your time with small problems, don’t stick to them as if they were the end of the world, you better start looking at them as a learning experience that will help you out eventually with something bigger.


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alOng came Polly

-Romantic Comedy-

When I first think of a romantic comedy, I’ll be expecting to laugh first of all,  then it needs to have a love story, declarations of love, 2 people that are going to be in love but don’t accept it, or have a big problem that separates them along the way, but at then end one realizes that they can’t be without the other, so he goes chases the other and declares his/her love. So, most of this actually happened on the movie, because I did laugh, specially when Reuben goes after Polly and asks her to stay, and eats peanuts and throws them on the floor, or when he goes to eat at polly’s appartment and he goes to the bathroom.

In the writing, it could’ve been better by being more creative and taking a few more risks in the storytelling.

That said, Stiller was in his usual hilarious roll, wich was exposing the fussy, hygiene-obsessed Reuben to the dirtiest possible situations.

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Batman -Black Knight-

-Action movie-

Before watching the movie, I just knew that it was an action movie, so I was expecting for action, fights, effects, persecussion, drama, suspense, fire, bombs, guns, explosions… Wich then, after watching the movie, I realized that was basically all what happen during the movie. As in the part were Harvey Dent said that he was Batman, and he was in a police van, pursuited by the joker and his men, that part had everything what expected.

Talking about the script writing, I am not an expert for this kind of stuff, and I don’t really pay some much attention to this when I watch movies, but doing some reflection, I recognize that I liked the way on which the script was written, the dialogues were consisten and even though it had a lot of crazy and inelocuent parts, the way on which the actors were speaking, they make everything be really realistic and interesting, saying a lot of thing s that do actually happen in real life, maybe not so exagerated but in a general view they do. So I think it was a very good one.

About the direction, I’m even worst, I don’t really consider myself a person that can critcize that so well, but in general I would say that it was a very good one, I liked the scenes a lot, and how they were represented, the dark and mistic side of Gothic could be felt,  all the jumps  and focus were really good, the effects were to the level. I liked it. 

The acting in general was good, but what it was amazing was the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker, that was impressive, the gestures and everything were completely natural, it was amazing how he represented the joker, the gestures and reactions were completely nuts, that was an excellent performance from a real psycho. As to say from Batman which role was performed by Christian Bale, was not that impressive, it was good, but something was missing, it’s supposed to be the major character, and in this case was much more outgoing the role of the joker, and it was even a bit misted by Harvey Dent which role was more intense and convincing.

I would recommend this movie mostly to guys between 12 and 55 years, because they love to see all the action, cars, special effects and so. To the kind of girls that like action movies and are not so sensitive since, the actors are hot and the movie is a continuous development of effects and actions not stop that will keep them entertained.

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E- Evaluation

Sadly, my final creation did not worked out really well. Even though, I was working really well. Starting for my investigation which I did with plenty of time, and did a very enlarge research looking for information on many different sites which gave me a very good idea of what the portfolio was, different options to do it, and all the basic information that I needed to know.

On part B I had to create a series of feasible designs for the development of my project, for which I was able of thinking of several examples of options that I thought could work for my portfolio, but I wasn’t so sure which to choose, so for this I created a list of requirements that I wanted my portfolio to have in order to be the best one. I compared my designs with my requirements finding finally my final creation.

After this, I talked to my teacher to find out which would be the best option of program to create my project, so after looking into the page of tutorialized for many several options, searching the one that was the closest design similar to my previous designs. After an exhausting search, I found my design which was a Rotating Gallery, which fitted perfectly with my requirements and designs. Until here my work had gone really well and on time.

Afterwards, I had to define my plan in order to have my time very well organized and on time for the due date. This is not my strongest part on the development of the project, and I considered it a bit weak, but effective, I went through the different days of lessons supposing that I would have access to a computer on each curse, which wasn’t sure, but it was possible. So, even though I did not used a computer on each class, I recompensate those days on recoup time after school.

In the creation part, I worked really good and very hard, considering that I had several problems following the tutorials, forcing me to loose time on different occasions because of the lack of information on the tutorial, or the lack of aknowledgement that I had, for which I couldn’t found certain solutions, or I wasn’t able of doing certain exercices, also on this different steps I had trouble with the names doubling the names, which forced me to change them, because I didn’t thought it could affect on anything; which end up being the opposite, because it made a huge different in order to have the correct actionscript, which I ignored, having as a result that my project did not function correctly.

This last event had as a result a: non-functional, feasible work, which was completely not my aim. Which did not worked properly because of my mistakes, which I would’ve liked to correct, but wasn’t able of, because of the shor time.

So in answer to my questions of evaluation as if:

>Is the portfolio created with technology? Yes, since I used flash interative, aiming to create an innovating animation.

>Is it a better portfolio? No, since it did not worked out properly, but if  it wouldn’t be for that little detail, which I would’ve fixed with more time, the portfolio would be a very good techonological portfolio.

>What characteristics can  you recall that can make this portfolio a better portfolio? The animation, movility, tha fact of being different, creative and original on a simple but at the same time fun interactive program.

>Is it portable? Yes, it is, since it can be recorded on a CD, or be upload on a website.

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Project Progression 4

Starting part 5, step 24; I had to include all thumbs resized on the last steps. First I had to start with thumb0, and placed it on the center vertical upper point and  convert to symbol and name it thumbHolder, so after doing that i just had to fix the rest of the thumbs on order at each of the  8  points of the lines previously made, so I did, but then I had to  open the imageHolder Movie Clip, but when I tried to do this, things were not appearing as they were meant to be, so I looked for the mistake, and then I noticed that I had done all my work on the wrong scene.

So, since I did the mistake of not doing the work on the right scene, which was the symbol of gallery movie clip, I had to restart and do all the last mentioned steps again until I got to step 28 where I had to eliminate the center image MC to then continue to part 6, on which I had to follow from step 29 to step 34 all the indications for the actionscript to make the circles move and create all the necessary effects.

Then, when I finished to copy all the details of the actionscript, I hoped for the best and tried to open my project, and then as soon as I opened, the first thing I see… Error! So, I went back and tried to check what could I do to change my mistakes, and then I realized what had been my problem, which was that all the symbols that I had to convert and everything had an specific name that couldn’t be change in order to have the actionscript to work, so I had to basicaly redo all my project which would take me much more time, which would been long, and since I did not had enough time I had to leave it like that.

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12 year old girl sue her dad!

I think this situation unlocks a whole new era of misunderstandings and spoiled childs.

Since the begining when the court accept to take the in consideration, they took out some authority from the parents, so this incitates and provokes future cases. If the mother wasn’t agree with the father for what he did, she should first try to talk to him and do something else about it, before sending it to the court.

If this case have been aproved twice, it has a risk of being approved a third time, which I really hope it doesn’t, because every kid needs some restrictions and rules to follow, if  you don’t do it, you have to confront the consequences, and that’s how you learn, if this girl is only 12 and she is already getting things on her way however she wants it, she is going to get control over her parents, which is what would end up happening if everybody get to this point, things would get out of control and comunication between parents and sons could suffer a serious dammage.

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Project Progression 3

april 14, 2009

-I worked on a study case during class.

april 15, 2009

– To advance on my project, I had to follow the steps from tutorialized; I did from part 1 step 2 to part 3 step 13. At the moment of following the instructions, I had some trouble doing the ovals, because I couldn’t find the properties to change the hight and width, and then trying to do it, I created a purple circle with a red outline, and then over it I did the required gray circle, and then I was able to change the width and hight, so I kept following the steps, then I had to convert it to symbol, and create another one, create a new layer and then adjust the properties; then I imported image 0 on a new layer, and fix the required properties, then I had to do another circle over the picture, then I put the specified mesures, then I had to create a new layer and give a right click and click on mask, making the image adjust to the circle that was under it, and fitting perfectly. Then, I change to part 3-step 12 and did the circle, after I put the magnification on 50%, which allowed me to watch the whole project, and I noticed that the first purple circle that I did at the begining was still there, so I tried to change its color to loose it on the background, but I wasn’t able to get rid of the red outline, so I saved it and left it like that, so now I’ll have to fix it the next time.

april 16, 2009

I continue working on my project, so I went back to the step I was last time, and tried to do something about the extra circle that wasn’t supposed to be there, but as I couldn’t, I decided to continue and checked it later. The next step was to make some lines, copy them and organize them in different angles in order to leave 8 points to then organize the pictures, next was step 4. In part 4, I starting working with the thumbs, I had to give them the circle shape, so I had to create a new symbol, transfer the image and arranged it at some specific coordinates, create a mask and a gray shadow circle for the back, as I did this once the first time, I convert to symbol the circle for the mask, and the circle for the gray shadow, to do it easily and faster for the left 7 thumbs. So, I continue working on them, I finished them all, and that was it for the day. Finishing at step 23 from part 4, ready to start part 5.

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April 6 and 8, 2009

These weeks progression has been based on following the steps from tutorialized to develop my project, and also making my final choice to choose the designs that I wanted to use, since I had 12 designs, and now I can only use 8, so I had to choose the ones that I prefered to use. So, in the first step I had to open a new flash file with some adjustments and specifications referring to the background color, size; and then to change the picture’s size and make 2 copies of them, so I started looking for a program to do that, and I decided to use Photoshop, so I started changing the size of my images from whatever size they had to 330×330 pixels for the bigger image, and 75×75 for the small samples, I named them all in order for numbers and sizes from image 0 to image 7 and the small samples from thumb 0 to thumb 7, after I try to import them to the library of Flash as the tutorials said, but  I wasn’t able of completing this task, and I’m still not sure how to do it, so I have to wait until next class to find out a solution and keep going on the evolution of my project.

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Feb 3, 2009: In my turn of using the computer in school, go to Google Web and search information about Portfolios and examples of portfolios.

Feb 5, 2009: Use a computer from school during class and  organize the information to form the paragraphs of the investigation and design brief . Having analize all the information, choose the best option and an artist to do my project about.

Feb 7, 2009: Finish up the last details from the investigation section at home, make the Design Specifications.

Feb 9, 2009: Have the investigation finish to uploaded on my blog completely finish, in case of mising something, finish it up at school.

Feb 11, 2009: Start working on my designs.

Feb 17, 2009: Continue working on different options of designs with different colors and patterns.

Feb 19, 2009: Finish up last details of my designs and evaluate each one of them, and upload to my blog my evaluations.

March 9, 2009: I need to do my artist statement, so I have to look for information on the internet about artist statements and how to do them during class.

March 13, 2009:  Create my artist statement taking the personalization of my chosen artist.

March 17, 2009: Meeting with Mr. Penning to look for the best option of program to do my project between the programs of Flash Interactive and Dreamweaver.

March 20, 2009: After choosing a program to develop my work, go to the page of, and look for the tutorial to guide during the creation of my project.

March 24, 2009: Start working on my portfolio. Look for a page on google images with the name of my chosen artist to search for examples of his work that I want to use on my project.

April 6, 2009: Follow the different steps from tutorialized to create my portfolio.

April 8, 2009: If the opportunity presented of working on a computer in class, continue with the steps of tutorialized to finish up my work.

April 14, 2009: Keep working on the portfolio and its development. Document all the progress of the creation and uploaded to my blog.

April 16, 2009: Finish up the last details of the project.

April 17, 2009: Give in the creation finish to Mr. Pening.

April 21, 2009: Evaluate my project and all its development and my performance.

April 23, 2009: Sow my project to other people to evaluate the results of my project, with a series of questions that I would developed based on my design specifications.

April 27, 2009: Give my general opinion about the project and give it in to Mr. Pening.


  • I think my plan will work out exceptionally, since I took into account the days of school in which I have media, dividing all my work and process along the way with all the due dates in advance, leaving one extra day in case of any misadventure; and also the dates have a lot of time between them, so in any case of missing a course, I could be able of work at home.

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dOes technology creates lazy students?

yes!.. we always do things in the easy way, and things get easier and easier each day, that we don’ t really appreciate what we have, as the technology evolutionate we evolutionate with it, and we stop doing things, we do less sports, we don’t go out that much, people spend lots of time seating in front of the computer or the tv.

Technology is creating things to make our lives easier, which at the same time makes us do less effort and less work, to which we are getting used to it, so we don’t try any harder.

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