mEdia infLuence..

October 5, 2008 monicacantu

how can media technology influence or inspired social change??!

media is a big influence in our world now a day..! the media influences everything…
people’s life is almost managed by media, people trend to guide their lives by what they see on tv, posters, comercials, etc…
people have to be careful with what they see and believe because the subconcious of people captured things you can’t even tell.
if a person wants to promote something he have to use media for sure is something indispensable, by any message people send using media that goes in the mind of people, and each person by what they know or think make their new suggestion or change their believes depending on how reliable they think the information is..! so if the message is good people might try to make that change, but although besides so many posters and campaigns of things like drugs, people might listen, but when the moment comes, they sometimes don’t listen to what they have heard; and let their selfs get influenced for their friends or for some other coments they heard for other people…
so I think that talking about drugs is a very big issue at this present moment; this is something that each is day is growing more and more and never stops.
Drugs are vicious substances that kills people and they still don’t wake up and react they are not good for society.
Lots of people die by drugs, begining because they use it, or people in the effects of drugs do things that kills the others, by murders car accidents, etc…
the most people that uses drugs starts when they are really young, destroying their lives since the very begining, which then reduces their possibilities to have a better life…
people needs to wake up and realize that society is beeing destroyed by this letal substances that are slowly but efficient!!…


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