A- investigate (deveLop tHe desiGn bRief)

October 12, 2008 monicacantu

Drugs are chemical substances, that when they are absorbed for your body, they altern the body functions… there are many types of drugs, either they are for medicine or just for ”pleasure”. People can use them in very different ways; but the bad things come when they start abusing on them, and they become addicted and here is when the problems begin. People start getting a lot of problems in all the aspects of their life and stop being healthy, and most of the time if they are not helped on time, they die.

The abuse of chemical substances like drugs its becoming  a major and enormeous problem in society, a very high porcentage of people it’s now in our days depending on these substances that are leading them to the death. These deathly substances such a cocaine, ecstasy, weed(marihuana),  heroin, methamphetamine and many others are destroying a lot of people and their familys.

This substances are taken mostly by people with a low self steem, problems in their lifes, or just as an influence of friends. The major problem of drugs it’s that just by trying them once the person can get addicted, so they like the feeling and keep using it, so even if  they know that is not good for them, they go involving more and more in this world of consumation, loosing the control of their lives and their conscience.

These substances go to the brain destroying the neurons and lots of cells in your brain, they dammage directly the nervous system and ocasioning many other problems depending on the specific substance and how is it use, they can leave somebody with a heart attack, mental problems, alucinations, epilepsia, and internal dammage that is never going to be repared.

now a days these products are everywhere we go, nobody is safe from them, specially the young people. People can get them almost as easy as a bottle of milk, so they need to really make conscience and be aware of what these products are causing in the world and in the life of many other people before they get to use them.

to investigate and get to know more about this subject I need to talk to people that are experts about this subject, people that have been in a situation related  with drugs, or people that work with that. Also to become more specialized about the subject I need to look and search for: what are the effects?, circumstances?,  things that surround this substances? consequences? statistics?

i searched for some pages that could help me to improve my knowledge which are:

http://www.dedrogas.com/ this source helps me because it says coments about what is happening at the moment and how the different situations are changing the world and the most common things that young people do.

http://www.aciprensa.com/drogas/index.html this page will be good because explains the most common questions made by people, what are drugs, their effects and consequences.

http://www.unodc.org/ it says a few news about what the world is doing against drugs, information about the issue and statistics about what is more common in young people, which makes it a little bit interesting and get to be more informed about what is happening in the world.

http://www.tcada.state.tx.us/Espanol/clubdrug-sp.shtml defines the most common drugs with their effects, shortly but efficient.

http://www.laantidroga.com/informacion/ this is not so useful because the information is for parents to be aware when their kids might be using drugs.

A reportage from tv about meth, and all of the effects and consequences, was very helpful to realize and have a better and clear idea of the price that people gets to pay for using drugs, in every sense, in any way you see it, you have to pay a HIGH price for the use of the drugs.

since the begining when people buy them they pay a lot of money, and if they continue with this, they start having health problems, and if they still don’t react, they can end up in a hospital, which can lead then to death.

society is paying a very high price by using these substances, people need to wake up and be aware of what this is causing!


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