B- dEsign the pROduct..

October 17, 2008 monicacantu

Create a list of feasible media technologies that meet your design specification.
-Graphic Design
-Video Production

Evaluate each of these medias in terms of how effectively they satisfy your project requirements.

*graphic design: there are a lot of announcements about drugs, so it wouldn’t be something new. people tends to already know the basic information about durgs, and what I really want to do, it’s go deeper than what people normally knows about it. So with a new announcement, they would probably not pay the necessary attention that I’m looking for.

*video production:making a video would be interesting, but I don’t like it very much, and also for accomplished this would be a little hard that people that use drugs allowed me to video tape them. Because I want to really show and reflect the real situations, what people it’s ignoring.

*Photography: by simply photographies you cannot explain so much about drugs, you must have more stadistics and information. You can make a very good column explaining everything, but for this you need people to be willing to sit and read and really preciate your information and pictures. So people skips that a lot, and thats not what I want. 

*animation: it’s a combination of images, statistics, letters, sound, etc.. In wich I could explain better the subjects about drugs. I can make a brief, short and very informative animation that expresses and represents in a fast and serious way all the situation and the shaking that drugs are causing in the world.

Select one media technology and justify your choice.
=> animation: because this is the option in wich I can use more resources, and I can explain more specifically what I want to informe by showing the statistics, reading the information, and showing proofs of people that has been destroyed by drugs. All the information that is necesary can be said in a short concise way, caughting the attention of people by its effects and images, with colours, makes it faster and easier for somebody to get the message.

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