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October 26, 2008 monicacantu


Frederick Bean “Fred/Tex” Avery was born in Taylor, Texas; on February 26, 1908. Becoming then, a famous animator, cartoonist, and director, famous for producing animated cartoons during The Golden Age of Hollywood animation. The major productions and inventios that he made were for Warner Brothers and MetroGoldwyn-Mayer studios. He created the major cartoons of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, and developing Porky Pig and Chilly Willy. and making these characters go off boundaries, revolutionating the industry of animations and cartoons.
At his school, they had a common catchphrase that was “What’s up, doc?”, which he later make it popular by using it on his character of Bugs Bunny in the 1940s.

“Playing” in his office, Avery had an accident in which a paperclip flew into Avery’s left eye, causing him to lose the use of that eye. So, some speculate says, it was this accident what gave him his original look at animation and different, weird directorial style.

This great animator with the help of few others, was the great creator and perfeccionist of the looney tunes stars which still remain famous.
Other of his great creations was the lip movements on animals, when the company of Warner Brothers, didn’t like his idea, he change to Paramount Pictures were he could make this possible and the series of speaking animals was launched. After this he started working in MGM were he work for a few years, when he retired he make a few last movies and advertisement for some products like Raid and Kool aid.
Until in augoust 26, 1980; Avery died at the age of 72 after a year suffering from lung cancer.

The reason why I choose the first image, it’s because is a clasical from bugs bunny, and it’s an image taken from the first aparition of bugs bunny in the television, and since this the quality an ideas of Avery were growing and getting better, was the beginning for a great history of cartoons with bugs bunny as the main character.

The second one it reminds me a lot when I used to watch this cartoons, in which I remember all the jokes and fool things that Daffy Duck always said, and when I see this image I think I even saw that chapter when he is fooling egg head.

The third image is a classical of Avery, is how Droopy who has an appearance of being all lazy and unclever, always catch the bad guy.

Avery’s work become very special and unique because of his special different way to see things. He said that he could made of cartoons anything he want, go out of the normal stuff, he begin a new era of animation he made it to revolutionate. He gave his characters their own personality, even making them loonatics, or just giving them a cool personality that even in danger they gave the appearance of being cool like nothing is happening, each character had his own catchphrases and unique reactions.
Avery’s work revolutionate the media of the cartoons, because by his creations was just the begining for many more creations of cartoons with more personality, acting and making of the impossible, possible; his ideas take you to fly out your imagination and believe in the impossible, at least somebody could do impossile things.
Just by watching your mind clears up and relax enjoying of the impossble adn having fun with it.
He left a legacy of cartoons which you can still watch and have fun with it!


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