BaRak Obama – a tRiumph for life –

November 8, 2008 monicacantu

A great story that inspired and moved the whole world. A story that people couldn’t wait to make it happen. And amazing rise, that inspired people and gave hope to the world.

People started to believe that there could still be somebody that could help them, change the country, take it in a new direction and thinking of everybod, helping the world.

This wednesday november 4th, 2008; the world has a new history event:

        The 44th United States of America’s president, is the first black president, Barak Obama.

This represents a big step for people that are descended from slaves who lived through racial segregation and the struggles of the civil rights movement, a light that is starting for the future that will never turn off, and should last forever. A great step for color people, who now have more confidence in themselves and knowing they can go even further.

He was elected after an epic campaign that saw Obama rise from relative political obscurity to claim the world’s most powerful political office. This year, the color people presented themselves to vote, as was never registred any year before.

People have their hopes on him, he is gonna change the world, he just started a great journey of life, in which he has a lot of obstacles, which people it’s sure he is going to beat them.  

And leaving us the hope that there’s people in the world that still want to make it a better place and go through the problems that are gonna be left to him, and I’m sure he is going to do a great job, he is serious and he knows what he just gained.

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