November 26, 2008 monicacantu

important relationship is the one that the media have with the environment!

people sometimes does not really realize what is happening in our world, in our environment, so the media have the great job of keeping us updated about the changes in our environment.

At this point the earth is suffering of several changes in numeous things, like the extreme change of weather, we also have a big problem with garbage, people does not know what to do about this anymore. so for do something about this and take more specialized care of the Earth, we need the media to be informing about this, because this plays a great part in the development of new solutions for an effort of doing things better.

without the media, (all the campaigns and promotions that are beeing mention everywhere about the environment), we wouldn’t know what is going on. the media have a great impact in our lives, so if they are informing of the damage that is caused by the humans, we can might reconsiderate things and sometimes make an effort for produce less polution and garbage.

the campaigns that are held by many organizations in charged of taking care of the environment , have play a major role in our lives, because they are dedicating their lives to preserve the earth, to make it a better place, to preserve it better and future generations. they can make us analize a bit at least about things that are happening, so that you can helped them and try to make a difference.

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