C- Plan!

November 26, 2008 monicacantu

For my project, I started working on the subject of drugs, but for some inconvinients, I had to change my project and now I will make my project about Global Warming.

to accomplish the dead line on decemeber 18th, we develop a plan…

1)Create awareness about Global Warming(objective)

-Research general information about Global Warming (causes, solutions, prevention, actual situation, problems, consequences,etc).

go to google and write “global warming” and search in the different pages of this subject, click in and check at least five different sites.

2) create an animation about Global Warming

-research for images. Go to google images and write in the space global warming, and research for the images appropiate for the animation.

-organize the research information. after analyzing and comparing all the information, we put all together and change it in a brief way with our own words to use it in our animation.

-create a t-script

Nov 9_ Work on the t-script. Define time, images and information used in the animation.

Nov 10_ Learn to use Flash.  Turn in the t-script.

-Change frame rate

-Insert key frame

-Insert images

-Create effects

Nov 12_ Finish t-script reviewed.  Start working on the animation.

-Do first 10 sec of the animation. {title, objective}

“global warming” … an important animation to inform and to prevent.

Nov 18:  10-30 sec,

-Title: Global Warming

-Objective: An important animation to inform and to prevent.

-Concept of Global Warming: What is global warming?  

Nov 24:  31-52 sec

-How global warming is affecting us..(question, text)

-image of the planet earth

Nov 26:  53-75 sec 

->Rise in temperature (brief text and explanation of stadistics)

in the last 10 years the temperature has been registred in a very high rates of warmness which threats to be so high that could get to start to melt the poles.

Dec 1st:  76-98 sec

->Melting of the artics (text with titles going in and out of the same background)

because of the high rise in temperature the artics are starting to feel the consequences, melting and leaving different species of animals without a home or something to eat.

->images of polar bears and the artic melting

Dec 3:  99- 121 sec

->Title of causes

->Images of pollution(2)

 1) a fabric expulsing enormeous quantities of smog

->Image of the world coughing

              -text over the image of the world coughing(explanation of pollution and its consequences,actions)

Dec 5:  122- 143 sec
->Things that we are doing to cuase pollution
like the extensive use of air conditioners and cars. The great amounts of garbage that we are leaving.

Dec 9:  144- 176 sec

->Solutions to prevent pollution

->Hybrid cars

-picture of a hybrid car, and explanation of  what it is and its benefits

Dec 12:  176- 194 sec

->More solutions




Dec 16:

->Check and correct any mistakes

-> Add song, music.



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