why people like watching sports?

November 27, 2008 monicacantu

interesting question… I personally don’t like it so much, so that led me to ask people. people have different interests and opinions, but they don’t ask themselves so much about why do they like it, they just simply  do, so I get a conclusion, i’ll guess that they like to save money, or they couldn’t get tickets…lol xD

ok, well that sounds very cruel, but it is a reason, but well another motivation, its like there are so many fans of the teams, and they are very devoted to their teams, it’s important to support them, because they go playing around the world or country, representing your city or country, so it’s a great honor and also a satisfaction to see them do what they do better, the excitement for the love of sports, the emotion and adrenaline of winning or loosing(which you never want) all that makes people think on somthing different, it’s fun, good. people like to distract watching things on tv, so instead of watching a program or anything else they like to watch sports, what they could actually even feel more real, because it’s something that is really happening so they can be glad for them.

sports are part of our lives, and we all need to do sports, in which by practicing them you also have fun, and people likes to have fun with what they like to do, so when you like something it’s because it makes you feel good and amuses you.

they just wanna have fun and enojy!


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