D- Project progression #2

December 22, 2008 monicacantu

Continuing with the project, we are a little late in the development since we had a few obstacles, so more probably that we are gonna have to dedicate extra time.

December 1st: We could made a great advance in our project, we manage to work out more and faster from the past times. We started working on the examples of how global warming is affecting us, like the rise in temperature.

for this we use an orange background and then put the letters over it, without converting the background, making the letters and background appearing at the same time, not so good.

December 3: After our little mistake in last class, we tried to fix it, but it was too late, so instead of starting everything again, we just decided to add a different effect to this part, so we built a rectangle that started down and crossed all the text, demonstrating of how the rise has been going, starting from the bottom going up and up. After fixing this we start working in our next example the melting of the artics, so for these part we decided to use a light blue background, now this time saving it differently from the text, so then we did the title and the effects for it.

December 5:Continuing from last class we wrote the texts of the example of melting in the artics, we made in a way that a small text is present, then it goes out to the right  and the other part of the text comes in from the right, doing the effect of the crossing in the letters; after the text leaves to the left and an image of the artics melting, comes through the contrary side, stays a few seconds, and leaves through the other side, crossing with the next image of the polar bears.


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