D- Project progression #3

December 22, 2008 monicacantu

As getting more experience in the operation of the program we accomplished to go faster then what we thought.

December 9th: We got finally to advance at the point that we already accomplish 1 min 21 sec, which is not that bad after the past obstacles. So now we started working on the causes of global warming, which is now a text in an intensive color red, that starts in a small size and goes growing bigger until feeling the size of the screen. After this we pass an image that represents the pollution, a fabric expulsing enormeous quantities of smog.     Then we had the image of a coughing earth, like in a caricature way, which represents the damage that is happening to Earth, with some added information about the causes and what people is doing to cause this, with the apparition of some text in the left, leaving and then coming the next one to the centre, leaves and another texts comes again to the centre.

December 12th: For some unexplainable reason the text we wrote over the image is not showing at the momento of  watching the animation in testing movie, but when we try to fix it you can see everything perfect, so we are a little worried, but we can’t be more delayed, so we left that and continue with the next part, which are the solutions for global warming, solutions that can help the Earth reducing it. so we wrote on a brief explanation some possible actions that people can do to improve the wealth being of the earth, in a black background with yellow letters in a legible size letter 30.

completing these, we accomplish to finish 2 min and 10 sec from our project.

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