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January 14, 2009 monicacantu

I think our project gave a good presentation, sustainable and very consice. When i first thought about the project I had a total different visualization, but the results were not that bad, but definetely not as I was hoping for.

I wanted a project to do a serious improvement and impact on people, to leave them shocked and aware to all the dammage we are causing to our planet, and for situations of time and a little difficulties with the program we could’t get to accomplish this.

The project in general had a good, serious presentation with clear statements, reminding people the importance of the basic stuff that we must know, but only as a reminder; so for sure this helps, every little effort helps to do things better, but not with such a intensity and effectiveness as I would’ve like it to be.

If we could’ve had more variation of colours, variety of sound, more effects and images the presentation would’ve improved. Another great detailed that could have helped, the use of bigger letters and so much little details of information, people likes and its more atract towards color and large size announcements, the image express more than a thousand words sometimes. There are many different solutions that can be done by people, so if we would’ve represented that with people actually doing it, to make them now that there is people out there trying to make a difference and make of the Earth a better place, make people realize that we only have one planet, and we have the obligation and duty of take care of it.


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