tOp 10 inventiOns of aLL timE

February 5, 2009 monicacantu


What better than in the hot of summer go to a fresh and cold place or then in the winter to be in warm and cosy place. This invention make life of humans easier and better, to keep themselves out of the extreme temperatures.


What better than to relax in front of the tv and find out what is happening around the world, or just look at something funny, romantic, or anything that interests you the most with all this qualities and more the tv has become one of the best media promoters and informers that at the same time let us learn about many things.


Keep all you’re memories with you for life, remember all those happy times, remember and see through the eyes of history what has happen, what more than a vivid picture of a certain moment, with this peole were able to show how things were before, to explain history and to explain memories, it facilitates to discovere crimes and to have proofs of certain events.


Discover anything you want in a matter of seconds, so many options that you cannot even mention them all, it came to be one of the greates inventions that really change our lifes, helping us in almost every aspect about life and work, a huge evolution that allows people to connect with the world.


Travel fast and effectively, instead of taking days and months, movilization and traveling around the world came to reduce in hours, one of the greatest things ever, allowing us to travel and to know more about any country, much easier to go on vacations in such a comfortable and effective way.


We move around in the shortest ways in a faster way, we can get easier to places, it keeps you safe from the sun, hot and cold, instead of being in a horse, you can just go in your car and get to places in a faster way. Evolutionate everydays life.


Major invention; with it, it drag many more discoveries of technology that later on are effected on it, with many other options and programs to include, in an effective and easiest way to have copies, share your work, and many different stuff .


Saving enormeous amount of lifes, society depends on them to fight epidemies and diseases, they made our lifes be healthier and safer for everybody, as an inssurance in our lives with an extraprotection and more probabilities of surviving.


Call anytime you want, find somebody at any moment, call if you need anything, cell phones definetely are of the greatest things ever improving our lifes, letting us call anybody at any time you want, knowing were is everybody, make appointments, do bussiness with it, you can call with anybody you want at any time, any moment with many different possibilities that makes you able to be in touch.


What better than lightbulbs to enlight our lives and letting us enjoy not only of the few hours with sun in the day, but any moment, make parties, study at night, the day doesn’t has to be over just because of the abscense of sun, everything continues. This gave us more time and a great solution for life.

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