March 8, 2009 monicacantu

Design #1 (CD case cover)

 This design applies strongly to my previous specifications, given that is  a representation of many different shapes and bright colours expressing a fun and attractive appearance, represented in a distinctive way.

Design #2 (CD case cover)

This design is not so applicable on my specifications since this design has more like a cute design with more serious colours giving more like a sweet and formal  impression. 

Design #3 (CD case cover)

This design represents a more organized and colorful work, creative, fun but at the same time more serious.

Design #4 (mini web site display)

This design provides an interactive and fun display, it includes options to have in display many examples in a distinctive way which proves to be a very feasible option.

Design #5 (mini website display)

 This design it’s displayed as a filmstrip with  an enlarge image, giving the option to displaye an innumerable amount of the artists work.

Design #6 (mini website display)

This design it has an original combination of shapes, showing all the possible options in a small way, with one specifically selected in an enlarge version.

Design #7 (CD skin)

A simple example, showing the name and title of the project with a very few details, in a simple way.

Design #8 (CD skin)

A design with many colours and curlies, wich give a fun and curious impression.

Design #9 (CD skin)

A combination of bright colours with a combination of lines and shapes not so remarkable.

Design #10 (CD skin)

A simple design with a formal presentation, more serious.


After evaluating each of my designs, I decided that the ones that apply to my design specifications are Design #1 for the CD case cover, Design # 4 for the interior mini website display, and Design #8 for the CD skin.

I liked more design #1 because it accomplish each of my specifications, by being interactive, fun and distinctive; this based on its many changing figures and forms, with intense and showy colors.

As for the website display, I wanted it to be able of showing a minimal of 12 examples of the artist work in an original and fun appearance; for which this design is most likely to apply to this, showing the artist work in a shape like the Solar System with a star shape border for each of the option, with the option of enlarging an specific image, to appreciate it better.

So, as it comes to the design of the CD’s skin, I decided to choose design #8, since it’s more colorful, causing a funnier impression in a distinctive way.


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