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March 21, 2009 monicacantu

This recompilations of  my work are my legacy; which are celebrations of life, things that I just made up in a fun way, inspired by the greatness of real life with the evolution of man. In this part of my work, I was inspired by New York, a great an amazing city, with an enormeous population, that has suffer some terrible acts, that were still not enough to make it decay; since it is still today one of the most known and visited cities in the world. New York, represented by freedom and happiness with big biuldings was just an amazing inspiration to create this 3D constructions with people interacting, the symbols of love and freedom, added with fun infussion of characters and color. 

For the creation and process of this 3D constructions, I made them in a combination of different steps and materials, starting with a big base drawing, which is then filled up with my color creations, that are colored and then glued to the base drawing with a double-side tape, what ends up donating the effect of 3D.

My art is my life, is what  I love to do and I happily do it for the people, and I gladly leave it as my legacy.

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