Project Progression 3

April 14, 2009 monicacantu

april 14, 2009

-I worked on a study case during class.

april 15, 2009

– To advance on my project, I had to follow the steps from tutorialized; I did from part 1 step 2 to part 3 step 13. At the moment of following the instructions, I had some trouble doing the ovals, because I couldn’t find the properties to change the hight and width, and then trying to do it, I created a purple circle with a red outline, and then over it I did the required gray circle, and then I was able to change the width and hight, so I kept following the steps, then I had to convert it to symbol, and create another one, create a new layer and then adjust the properties; then I imported image 0 on a new layer, and fix the required properties, then I had to do another circle over the picture, then I put the specified mesures, then I had to create a new layer and give a right click and click on mask, making the image adjust to the circle that was under it, and fitting perfectly. Then, I change to part 3-step 12 and did the circle, after I put the magnification on 50%, which allowed me to watch the whole project, and I noticed that the first purple circle that I did at the begining was still there, so I tried to change its color to loose it on the background, but I wasn’t able to get rid of the red outline, so I saved it and left it like that, so now I’ll have to fix it the next time.

april 16, 2009

I continue working on my project, so I went back to the step I was last time, and tried to do something about the extra circle that wasn’t supposed to be there, but as I couldn’t, I decided to continue and checked it later. The next step was to make some lines, copy them and organize them in different angles in order to leave 8 points to then organize the pictures, next was step 4. In part 4, I starting working with the thumbs, I had to give them the circle shape, so I had to create a new symbol, transfer the image and arranged it at some specific coordinates, create a mask and a gray shadow circle for the back, as I did this once the first time, I convert to symbol the circle for the mask, and the circle for the gray shadow, to do it easily and faster for the left 7 thumbs. So, I continue working on them, I finished them all, and that was it for the day. Finishing at step 23 from part 4, ready to start part 5.


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