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May 4, 2009 monicacantu

Sadly, my final creation did not worked out really well. Even though, I was working really well. Starting for my investigation which I did with plenty of time, and did a very enlarge research looking for information on many different sites which gave me a very good idea of what the portfolio was, different options to do it, and all the basic information that I needed to know.

On part B I had to create a series of feasible designs for the development of my project, for which I was able of thinking of several examples of options that I thought could work for my portfolio, but I wasn’t so sure which to choose, so for this I created a list of requirements that I wanted my portfolio to have in order to be the best one. I compared my designs with my requirements finding finally my final creation.

After this, I talked to my teacher to find out which would be the best option of program to create my project, so after looking into the page of tutorialized for many several options, searching the one that was the closest design similar to my previous designs. After an exhausting search, I found my design which was a Rotating Gallery, which fitted perfectly with my requirements and designs. Until here my work had gone really well and on time.

Afterwards, I had to define my plan in order to have my time very well organized and on time for the due date. This is not my strongest part on the development of the project, and I considered it a bit weak, but effective, I went through the different days of lessons supposing that I would have access to a computer on each curse, which wasn’t sure, but it was possible. So, even though I did not used a computer on each class, I recompensate those days on recoup time after school.

In the creation part, I worked really good and very hard, considering that I had several problems following the tutorials, forcing me to loose time on different occasions because of the lack of information on the tutorial, or the lack of aknowledgement that I had, for which I couldn’t found certain solutions, or I wasn’t able of doing certain exercices, also on this different steps I had trouble with the names doubling the names, which forced me to change them, because I didn’t thought it could affect on anything; which end up being the opposite, because it made a huge different in order to have the correct actionscript, which I ignored, having as a result that my project did not function correctly.

This last event had as a result a: non-functional, feasible work, which was completely not my aim. Which did not worked properly because of my mistakes, which I would’ve liked to correct, but wasn’t able of, because of the shor time.

So in answer to my questions of evaluation as if:

>Is the portfolio created with technology? Yes, since I used flash interative, aiming to create an innovating animation.

>Is it a better portfolio? No, since it did not worked out properly, but if  it wouldn’t be for that little detail, which I would’ve fixed with more time, the portfolio would be a very good techonological portfolio.

>What characteristics can  you recall that can make this portfolio a better portfolio? The animation, movility, tha fact of being different, creative and original on a simple but at the same time fun interactive program.

>Is it portable? Yes, it is, since it can be recorded on a CD, or be upload on a website.


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