Project Progression 4

May 4, 2009 monicacantu

Starting part 5, step 24; I had to include all thumbs resized on the last steps. First I had to start with thumb0, and placed it on the center vertical upper point and  convert to symbol and name it thumbHolder, so after doing that i just had to fix the rest of the thumbs on order at each of the  8  points of the lines previously made, so I did, but then I had to  open the imageHolder Movie Clip, but when I tried to do this, things were not appearing as they were meant to be, so I looked for the mistake, and then I noticed that I had done all my work on the wrong scene.

So, since I did the mistake of not doing the work on the right scene, which was the symbol of gallery movie clip, I had to restart and do all the last mentioned steps again until I got to step 28 where I had to eliminate the center image MC to then continue to part 6, on which I had to follow from step 29 to step 34 all the indications for the actionscript to make the circles move and create all the necessary effects.

Then, when I finished to copy all the details of the actionscript, I hoped for the best and tried to open my project, and then as soon as I opened, the first thing I see… Error! So, I went back and tried to check what could I do to change my mistakes, and then I realized what had been my problem, which was that all the symbols that I had to convert and everything had an specific name that couldn’t be change in order to have the actionscript to work, so I had to basicaly redo all my project which would take me much more time, which would been long, and since I did not had enough time I had to leave it like that.


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