Batman -Black Knight-

May 11, 2009 monicacantu

-Action movie-

Before watching the movie, I just knew that it was an action movie, so I was expecting for action, fights, effects, persecussion, drama, suspense, fire, bombs, guns, explosions… Wich then, after watching the movie, I realized that was basically all what happen during the movie. As in the part were Harvey Dent said that he was Batman, and he was in a police van, pursuited by the joker and his men, that part had everything what expected.

Talking about the script writing, I am not an expert for this kind of stuff, and I don’t really pay some much attention to this when I watch movies, but doing some reflection, I recognize that I liked the way on which the script was written, the dialogues were consisten and even though it had a lot of crazy and inelocuent parts, the way on which the actors were speaking, they make everything be really realistic and interesting, saying a lot of thing s that do actually happen in real life, maybe not so exagerated but in a general view they do. So I think it was a very good one.

About the direction, I’m even worst, I don’t really consider myself a person that can critcize that so well, but in general I would say that it was a very good one, I liked the scenes a lot, and how they were represented, the dark and mistic side of Gothic could be felt,  all the jumps  and focus were really good, the effects were to the level. I liked it. 

The acting in general was good, but what it was amazing was the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker, that was impressive, the gestures and everything were completely natural, it was amazing how he represented the joker, the gestures and reactions were completely nuts, that was an excellent performance from a real psycho. As to say from Batman which role was performed by Christian Bale, was not that impressive, it was good, but something was missing, it’s supposed to be the major character, and in this case was much more outgoing the role of the joker, and it was even a bit misted by Harvey Dent which role was more intense and convincing.

I would recommend this movie mostly to guys between 12 and 55 years, because they love to see all the action, cars, special effects and so. To the kind of girls that like action movies and are not so sensitive since, the actors are hot and the movie is a continuous development of effects and actions not stop that will keep them entertained.


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