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August 22, 2010 monicacantu

Is it life always this hard? Sometimes I wondered why we make it so hard to ourselves when little things we make them big, I used to be like this, but now I realize there is much more, so many other things that can be really difficult situations, and those are the ones that we really need to survive, any small thing that happened before is just a preparation for the next one, or things that come on your way to teach you things, that you are probably going to use in some near future.
It’s so hard to understand all the problems that God decides to put in our ways. It is very difficult to accept mistakes, confrontations and problems that appear in our lives. We would like to think of it as if it was a nightmare and that we just need to wake up, the problem is we never wake up and we keep living on that living hell day by day. The thing is that if we could be more conscious about it, we could try to change this ‘hell’ you refer to, we can decide how to live through life and we don’t have to always stay there. For as bad as it looks even when things seem to have no solution, they always have, and the secret of that is… IN YOUR MIND. When you decide how to rule your life and your situation, whether you decide to stick to the problems and just stare at the black point, or to start moving and search for a small tiny light, which eventually will appear if you just look for it.
God always shows us the path, but even if he rubs that in your face, we are so blinded with the black spots (all the negative parts of the situation) that we don’t see it, because we only see what we want to see, it is harder for someone to find something unexpectedly, than to the ones that just keep looking and searching for more, with their hopes high, thinking positively, eventually they are going to find something, and sometimes even more of what they expected.
So basically why stick to the bad, when you can find good.
Even if you are facing the death of a beloved person, this can seem impossible, but just think about it, you decide what to feel, I mean is a fact that you are going to miss him, that you are not going to have that person next to you again, until your time comes too, so meanwhile if you are still on Earth, find your path don’t stop there just wondering why you are still here, if you are here, there’s a reason for it, so look for it, and do not give up.
Life is hard, that is proven, but in this times, a new era is starting, and now scientists and many other people are living through this new life, a “new life” I refer to a different way of thinking and looking at things, as if we are changing of glasses, and now we are looking through mind mirror, which reflects what’s on your mind, heart and your soul. So you need to start looking at things from the positive side and the negative anymore; this is probably a hard thing to accept at first…
But believe me if you decide to just try it, just try to talk in a positive way, to refer to people in a positive sense, to take out of your language all those bad feelings(anger, rage, fear, hate). I can assure you your life is about to change, change your lenses prescription and start looking to life not as a game where you have to beat the others, but more as an experience of which you have to take as much as you can and live it fully for your own experience.
Do not waste your time with small problems, don’t stick to them as if they were the end of the world, you better start looking at them as a learning experience that will help you out eventually with something bigger.


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