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How can we use technology to create a better artist portfolio?

-What is a portfolio?

Portfolios are collections of artists or some persons work over a certain time. In a portfolio, people often documents their best work and probably other types of process information; such as drafts of the work. Portfolios may be used for evaluation of the abilities and improvement of a person. Portfolios have been considered as an attractive alternative to more traditional assessment approaches.

The goal in creating a portfolio is to present the artist’s credentials and personal information in a manner that is functional, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

How are portfolios?

  • “Portfolios are systematic, purposeful, and meaningful collections of works in one or more subject areas.
  • Portfolio collections may include input.
  • Portfolios should be ongoing so that they show the efforts, progress, and achievements over a period of time.
  • Portfolios may contain several compartments, or subfolders.
  • Selected works in portfolios may be in a variety of media and may be multidimensional.

The Purpose of a Portfolio

A well-prepared portfolio provides “evidence” of the accomplishments, skills and abilities of the artist, it documents the scope and quality of his experience and training. It is an organized collection of documentation that presents both it’s personal and professional achievements in a concrete way.

A “portfolio” is a thoughtfully organized collection of work, usually including work other than, or in addition to, traditional academic papers. Portfolios also include artists reflections about how the project provides evidence of their developing skills.


->I need to design better portfolios.

Portfolios take work to create, manage and assess. They can easily feel like busywork and a burden if they just become folders filled with papers.

* Some of the problems with portfolios are:

(1) If they are transported as a big leather portfolio, they can be to big and not so easy to transport.

(2) They can make you spend large amounts of paper, and to this adding the major problem cause to the environment.

(3) You can have one very good prepared portfolio, but at the time of presenting it to someone, this person might need to keep it, leaving the artist without his portfolio and any other possible copy of his work.

(4) Refering to electronic portfolios, they would be online available to any person, ocasioning to have maybe some copy of information, or people that could use the information provided in a wrong way.

(5) By doing an electronic portfolio with a company, they are sure easier to create, but they might also have to pay some feeds for having their work on that page.

(6) In web portfolios , broken images or broken links to other sites can be a problem.

(7) If it is on a web page, at the moment of presenting it, there is no internet for some technical problem, you wouldn’t be able of presenting your problem.

(8 Not having enough copies of the work that could be available and ready for people, and to distribution. it wasn’t useful at all, it’s a page for students to create their own portfolios. This page was a little confusing because it talks about problems with portfolios but with an specific program, but that is explained in a fuzzy way, because you need to suscribe to the page and pay some feeds to read the complete information. this page provides information of portfolios but not about artist protfolios, but matematitians portfolios, which makes it not useful at all, because the information that i’m looking for is about artist portfolios. it was helpful to know how business people can create their portfolios, the basic design and basic information to understand better how the portfolios are design. it wasnt useful because it talks about marketing with portfolios and the defaults they have with them it didn’t work, because is a page for a certain school, so the information was direct to the students from their school. it only describes how the technology inportfolios is evolutioning and helping students to organize their works better. different sources of electronic portfolios that help improving work of people. defines all the facts of portfolios and relation withs students, how it helps to develop their aknowledgement.VERY USEFUL!… Very good source that provided the information to aknowledge what the portfolios were, and there spectations and some possible ways of discovering them, and possible ways as how they can be shown or exist. it explains what the portfolios are about and their purposes.

A list of different technologies to create a better portfolio.

Portfolios can range in from something as simple as an online version of your resume to a web site full of materials. A portfolio can include word processing files of your resume and writing samples, digital images of your graphic and artwork, and video and audio files.

Data storage in multiple options:

  • Manilla or hanging folders portfolios: the contents have also been stored in pizza or laundry boxes, binders and accordian folders, which automatically makes it distribution much harder and difficult with a for sure not so good impression, showing a kind of mediocre work. This is what it needs to be improved.
  • Leather Portfolio: it is the most common form of portfolio, represented in a collection of paper products, this option does not really apply to my project, as my purpose is to create a better portfolio with the use of technology; and with this portfolio, big and hard to manage creating most of the struggles in the development of new and better portfolios would not be one of my best options.
  • Videotape: you can have all the information in a sort of “live” way in its original form, but you could have only a video, it does not complete my requirements of improvement.
  • Hybrid Portfolio: Is a way of having a combination of work, you can add videotapes, audiotapes, 3-D models, artwork and more containers holding the paper products. This is not easy to transport, but it allows to have many different compartments to have many different options of work, showing them in defferent ways; this can be a helpful way, by developing many options, but still it is not easy to transport and it’s even harder to have more copies of the work.
  • Electronic Portfolios: Since now many of your after paper works, were first develop on a electronic format, it makes it easier and better with a portability significantly increased; which makes it racional to keep the same format. As it is easier to keep everything in a digitize media, it is also possible to add audio and viedeo examples to your work. So as this is kept in an electronic way in can also be later on distribute in another ways with variable differences facilitating the promotion of your work, sharing it, in an easiest and fastest way.
  • CD-ROM: it makes it easier to transport and it facilitates to have many copies of it.
  • DVD: a portable movie, easy to bring everywhere, facilitates the videotaping, easy to copie in many different ways, it can be shown in television or in a computer, is more easier to show in different electronic devices.
  • WWW server: it would be available 24 hours for anyone that would like to see your work, people can have an easy acces, it can be promoted more easily, it can appear in propagandas or related to links and pages from other people. You can simply upload your documents to a portfolio web site.

As it becomes for my project I think the best option to accomplish my goal to improve portfolios come to a CD-ROM, because it provides many options of distribution, and many options to record on it, in different inteactive ways, like the one that I’m choosing, a mini website that can be recorded on a CD-ROM, to then be portable with interactive options in a fun and distinctive way, functioning in many different systems and computers; with various examples of work of the artist, with at least 12 examples of it.


  1. Is it portable?
  2. Is it practicable it’s replication and transportation?
  3. Is it interactive?
  4. Does it have a good presentation?
  5. Does it works in different computers?
  6. Does it use technology?
  7. Does it shows a good example of the artist work?
  8. Is it a better example of portfolio?


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