Project Progression 1

March 17,2209: At class, Mr. Penning explain different options to work on my project based on my design specifications, he suggested that the best programs would be Dreamweaver and Flash Interactive, he showed us an example of flash and suggested a page to cheak and look what we would like to do, or what would fullfil my specifications.

March 20, 2009:  I went to the page and cheak on the tutorials for flash interactive, to help me out to define what option would be the best; but I didn’t had that much success finding exactly what I wanted.

The next class I went on this page


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have pepsi adds gone too far?

I think society is letting pass everything, and it is being managed by the media and all its adds, people is starting to see some unusual facts as if they were something normal when they are not; everytime the judgement of people is decreasing more and more, and they just let everything stay however the media decides to project, slowly the minds are being change by all the messages that surrounds them, causing a mind deformation on the way of people thinks.

The example of the pepsi adds, it shows a calorie killing himself for being lonely. In the past years suicide has been increasing severely, many people have the idea of suicide many time in their heads before they really decide to do it; when a person with this ideas sees that announcement, he can identify himself with that situation, it’s like an example to show them how to do it.

The propaganda is good, but why is not use to promote things with better messages and more productive, that can even help people.

In life there are always limits for things, and I think that with those adds, the limits were off!

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Artist Statement..

This recompilations of  my work are my legacy; which are celebrations of life, things that I just made up in a fun way, inspired by the greatness of real life with the evolution of man. In this part of my work, I was inspired by New York, a great an amazing city, with an enormeous population, that has suffer some terrible acts, that were still not enough to make it decay; since it is still today one of the most known and visited cities in the world. New York, represented by freedom and happiness with big biuldings was just an amazing inspiration to create this 3D constructions with people interacting, the symbols of love and freedom, added with fun infussion of characters and color. 

For the creation and process of this 3D constructions, I made them in a combination of different steps and materials, starting with a big base drawing, which is then filled up with my color creations, that are colored and then glued to the base drawing with a double-side tape, what ends up donating the effect of 3D.

My art is my life, is what  I love to do and I happily do it for the people, and I gladly leave it as my legacy.

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Design #1 (CD case cover)

 This design applies strongly to my previous specifications, given that is  a representation of many different shapes and bright colours expressing a fun and attractive appearance, represented in a distinctive way.

Design #2 (CD case cover)

This design is not so applicable on my specifications since this design has more like a cute design with more serious colours giving more like a sweet and formal  impression. 

Design #3 (CD case cover)

This design represents a more organized and colorful work, creative, fun but at the same time more serious.

Design #4 (mini web site display)

This design provides an interactive and fun display, it includes options to have in display many examples in a distinctive way which proves to be a very feasible option.

Design #5 (mini website display)

 This design it’s displayed as a filmstrip with  an enlarge image, giving the option to displaye an innumerable amount of the artists work.

Design #6 (mini website display)

This design it has an original combination of shapes, showing all the possible options in a small way, with one specifically selected in an enlarge version.

Design #7 (CD skin)

A simple example, showing the name and title of the project with a very few details, in a simple way.

Design #8 (CD skin)

A design with many colours and curlies, wich give a fun and curious impression.

Design #9 (CD skin)

A combination of bright colours with a combination of lines and shapes not so remarkable.

Design #10 (CD skin)

A simple design with a formal presentation, more serious.


After evaluating each of my designs, I decided that the ones that apply to my design specifications are Design #1 for the CD case cover, Design # 4 for the interior mini website display, and Design #8 for the CD skin.

I liked more design #1 because it accomplish each of my specifications, by being interactive, fun and distinctive; this based on its many changing figures and forms, with intense and showy colors.

As for the website display, I wanted it to be able of showing a minimal of 12 examples of the artist work in an original and fun appearance; for which this design is most likely to apply to this, showing the artist work in a shape like the Solar System with a star shape border for each of the option, with the option of enlarging an specific image, to appreciate it better.

So, as it comes to the design of the CD’s skin, I decided to choose design #8, since it’s more colorful, causing a funnier impression in a distinctive way.

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How can we use technology to create a better artist portfolio?

-What is a portfolio?

Portfolios are collections of artists or some persons work over a certain time. In a portfolio, people often documents their best work and probably other types of process information; such as drafts of the work. Portfolios may be used for evaluation of the abilities and improvement of a person. Portfolios have been considered as an attractive alternative to more traditional assessment approaches.

The goal in creating a portfolio is to present the artist’s credentials and personal information in a manner that is functional, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

How are portfolios?

  • “Portfolios are systematic, purposeful, and meaningful collections of works in one or more subject areas.
  • Portfolio collections may include input.
  • Portfolios should be ongoing so that they show the efforts, progress, and achievements over a period of time.
  • Portfolios may contain several compartments, or subfolders.
  • Selected works in portfolios may be in a variety of media and may be multidimensional.

The Purpose of a Portfolio

A well-prepared portfolio provides “evidence” of the accomplishments, skills and abilities of the artist, it documents the scope and quality of his experience and training. It is an organized collection of documentation that presents both it’s personal and professional achievements in a concrete way.

A “portfolio” is a thoughtfully organized collection of work, usually including work other than, or in addition to, traditional academic papers. Portfolios also include artists reflections about how the project provides evidence of their developing skills.


->I need to design better portfolios.

Portfolios take work to create, manage and assess. They can easily feel like busywork and a burden if they just become folders filled with papers.

* Some of the problems with portfolios are:

(1) If they are transported as a big leather portfolio, they can be to big and not so easy to transport.

(2) They can make you spend large amounts of paper, and to this adding the major problem cause to the environment.

(3) You can have one very good prepared portfolio, but at the time of presenting it to someone, this person might need to keep it, leaving the artist without his portfolio and any other possible copy of his work.

(4) Refering to electronic portfolios, they would be online available to any person, ocasioning to have maybe some copy of information, or people that could use the information provided in a wrong way.

(5) By doing an electronic portfolio with a company, they are sure easier to create, but they might also have to pay some feeds for having their work on that page.

(6) In web portfolios , broken images or broken links to other sites can be a problem.

(7) If it is on a web page, at the moment of presenting it, there is no internet for some technical problem, you wouldn’t be able of presenting your problem.

(8 Not having enough copies of the work that could be available and ready for people, and to distribution. it wasn’t useful at all, it’s a page for students to create their own portfolios. This page was a little confusing because it talks about problems with portfolios but with an specific program, but that is explained in a fuzzy way, because you need to suscribe to the page and pay some feeds to read the complete information. this page provides information of portfolios but not about artist protfolios, but matematitians portfolios, which makes it not useful at all, because the information that i’m looking for is about artist portfolios. it was helpful to know how business people can create their portfolios, the basic design and basic information to understand better how the portfolios are design. it wasnt useful because it talks about marketing with portfolios and the defaults they have with them it didn’t work, because is a page for a certain school, so the information was direct to the students from their school. it only describes how the technology inportfolios is evolutioning and helping students to organize their works better. different sources of electronic portfolios that help improving work of people. defines all the facts of portfolios and relation withs students, how it helps to develop their aknowledgement.VERY USEFUL!… Very good source that provided the information to aknowledge what the portfolios were, and there spectations and some possible ways of discovering them, and possible ways as how they can be shown or exist. it explains what the portfolios are about and their purposes.

A list of different technologies to create a better portfolio.

Portfolios can range in from something as simple as an online version of your resume to a web site full of materials. A portfolio can include word processing files of your resume and writing samples, digital images of your graphic and artwork, and video and audio files.

Data storage in multiple options:

  • Manilla or hanging folders portfolios: the contents have also been stored in pizza or laundry boxes, binders and accordian folders, which automatically makes it distribution much harder and difficult with a for sure not so good impression, showing a kind of mediocre work. This is what it needs to be improved.
  • Leather Portfolio: it is the most common form of portfolio, represented in a collection of paper products, this option does not really apply to my project, as my purpose is to create a better portfolio with the use of technology; and with this portfolio, big and hard to manage creating most of the struggles in the development of new and better portfolios would not be one of my best options.
  • Videotape: you can have all the information in a sort of “live” way in its original form, but you could have only a video, it does not complete my requirements of improvement.
  • Hybrid Portfolio: Is a way of having a combination of work, you can add videotapes, audiotapes, 3-D models, artwork and more containers holding the paper products. This is not easy to transport, but it allows to have many different compartments to have many different options of work, showing them in defferent ways; this can be a helpful way, by developing many options, but still it is not easy to transport and it’s even harder to have more copies of the work.
  • Electronic Portfolios: Since now many of your after paper works, were first develop on a electronic format, it makes it easier and better with a portability significantly increased; which makes it racional to keep the same format. As it is easier to keep everything in a digitize media, it is also possible to add audio and viedeo examples to your work. So as this is kept in an electronic way in can also be later on distribute in another ways with variable differences facilitating the promotion of your work, sharing it, in an easiest and fastest way.
  • CD-ROM: it makes it easier to transport and it facilitates to have many copies of it.
  • DVD: a portable movie, easy to bring everywhere, facilitates the videotaping, easy to copie in many different ways, it can be shown in television or in a computer, is more easier to show in different electronic devices.
  • WWW server: it would be available 24 hours for anyone that would like to see your work, people can have an easy acces, it can be promoted more easily, it can appear in propagandas or related to links and pages from other people. You can simply upload your documents to a portfolio web site.

As it becomes for my project I think the best option to accomplish my goal to improve portfolios come to a CD-ROM, because it provides many options of distribution, and many options to record on it, in different inteactive ways, like the one that I’m choosing, a mini website that can be recorded on a CD-ROM, to then be portable with interactive options in a fun and distinctive way, functioning in many different systems and computers; with various examples of work of the artist, with at least 12 examples of it.


  1. Is it portable?
  2. Is it practicable it’s replication and transportation?
  3. Is it interactive?
  4. Does it have a good presentation?
  5. Does it works in different computers?
  6. Does it use technology?
  7. Does it shows a good example of the artist work?
  8. Is it a better example of portfolio?

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tOp 10 inventiOns of aLL timE


What better than in the hot of summer go to a fresh and cold place or then in the winter to be in warm and cosy place. This invention make life of humans easier and better, to keep themselves out of the extreme temperatures.


What better than to relax in front of the tv and find out what is happening around the world, or just look at something funny, romantic, or anything that interests you the most with all this qualities and more the tv has become one of the best media promoters and informers that at the same time let us learn about many things.


Keep all you’re memories with you for life, remember all those happy times, remember and see through the eyes of history what has happen, what more than a vivid picture of a certain moment, with this peole were able to show how things were before, to explain history and to explain memories, it facilitates to discovere crimes and to have proofs of certain events.


Discover anything you want in a matter of seconds, so many options that you cannot even mention them all, it came to be one of the greates inventions that really change our lifes, helping us in almost every aspect about life and work, a huge evolution that allows people to connect with the world.


Travel fast and effectively, instead of taking days and months, movilization and traveling around the world came to reduce in hours, one of the greatest things ever, allowing us to travel and to know more about any country, much easier to go on vacations in such a comfortable and effective way.


We move around in the shortest ways in a faster way, we can get easier to places, it keeps you safe from the sun, hot and cold, instead of being in a horse, you can just go in your car and get to places in a faster way. Evolutionate everydays life.


Major invention; with it, it drag many more discoveries of technology that later on are effected on it, with many other options and programs to include, in an effective and easiest way to have copies, share your work, and many different stuff .


Saving enormeous amount of lifes, society depends on them to fight epidemies and diseases, they made our lifes be healthier and safer for everybody, as an inssurance in our lives with an extraprotection and more probabilities of surviving.


Call anytime you want, find somebody at any moment, call if you need anything, cell phones definetely are of the greatest things ever improving our lifes, letting us call anybody at any time you want, knowing were is everybody, make appointments, do bussiness with it, you can call with anybody you want at any time, any moment with many different possibilities that makes you able to be in touch.


What better than lightbulbs to enlight our lives and letting us enjoy not only of the few hours with sun in the day, but any moment, make parties, study at night, the day doesn’t has to be over just because of the abscense of sun, everything continues. This gave us more time and a great solution for life.

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E- Evaluate..

I think our project gave a good presentation, sustainable and very consice. When i first thought about the project I had a total different visualization, but the results were not that bad, but definetely not as I was hoping for.

I wanted a project to do a serious improvement and impact on people, to leave them shocked and aware to all the dammage we are causing to our planet, and for situations of time and a little difficulties with the program we could’t get to accomplish this.

The project in general had a good, serious presentation with clear statements, reminding people the importance of the basic stuff that we must know, but only as a reminder; so for sure this helps, every little effort helps to do things better, but not with such a intensity and effectiveness as I would’ve like it to be.

If we could’ve had more variation of colours, variety of sound, more effects and images the presentation would’ve improved. Another great detailed that could have helped, the use of bigger letters and so much little details of information, people likes and its more atract towards color and large size announcements, the image express more than a thousand words sometimes. There are many different solutions that can be done by people, so if we would’ve represented that with people actually doing it, to make them now that there is people out there trying to make a difference and make of the Earth a better place, make people realize that we only have one planet, and we have the obligation and duty of take care of it.

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D- Project progression#4

We finished the project, but we were having some problems with some text, that is not appearing in the presentation, but it does when we are working on it. We just need to fix details and accomodate the song.

We didn”t had enough time during class, so we divided the work, and we went on different dates extra time to fix the presentation. So I went after school, and try to fix the problem with text, and finally discovered that I just had to do some enters, to give space to the text, so that it could finally appear, so we were able to keep going with the project.

December 16th: We keep mentioning some solutions to prevent and to diminish global warming, so now we mention the example of the hybrid cars, so first a picture from a hybrid car appears with the title of  Hybrid  Cars, and then the image goes out and a text comes in, with the description of the hybrid cars.

December 17th: We mentioned a few more things like solutions mixing them with the conclusion of the project, showing them in a simple text with a black background with green letters, finishing our project. After this we just had to add the credits and the song. But as we couldn’t finish in the class, my partners stayed a little longer after school and install the music.

so we finally finished the last 60 sec of our project!

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D- Project progression #3

As getting more experience in the operation of the program we accomplished to go faster then what we thought.

December 9th: We got finally to advance at the point that we already accomplish 1 min 21 sec, which is not that bad after the past obstacles. So now we started working on the causes of global warming, which is now a text in an intensive color red, that starts in a small size and goes growing bigger until feeling the size of the screen. After this we pass an image that represents the pollution, a fabric expulsing enormeous quantities of smog.     Then we had the image of a coughing earth, like in a caricature way, which represents the damage that is happening to Earth, with some added information about the causes and what people is doing to cause this, with the apparition of some text in the left, leaving and then coming the next one to the centre, leaves and another texts comes again to the centre.

December 12th: For some unexplainable reason the text we wrote over the image is not showing at the momento of  watching the animation in testing movie, but when we try to fix it you can see everything perfect, so we are a little worried, but we can’t be more delayed, so we left that and continue with the next part, which are the solutions for global warming, solutions that can help the Earth reducing it. so we wrote on a brief explanation some possible actions that people can do to improve the wealth being of the earth, in a black background with yellow letters in a legible size letter 30.

completing these, we accomplish to finish 2 min and 10 sec from our project.

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D- Project progression #2

Continuing with the project, we are a little late in the development since we had a few obstacles, so more probably that we are gonna have to dedicate extra time.

December 1st: We could made a great advance in our project, we manage to work out more and faster from the past times. We started working on the examples of how global warming is affecting us, like the rise in temperature.

for this we use an orange background and then put the letters over it, without converting the background, making the letters and background appearing at the same time, not so good.

December 3: After our little mistake in last class, we tried to fix it, but it was too late, so instead of starting everything again, we just decided to add a different effect to this part, so we built a rectangle that started down and crossed all the text, demonstrating of how the rise has been going, starting from the bottom going up and up. After fixing this we start working in our next example the melting of the artics, so for these part we decided to use a light blue background, now this time saving it differently from the text, so then we did the title and the effects for it.

December 5:Continuing from last class we wrote the texts of the example of melting in the artics, we made in a way that a small text is present, then it goes out to the right  and the other part of the text comes in from the right, doing the effect of the crossing in the letters; after the text leaves to the left and an image of the artics melting, comes through the contrary side, stays a few seconds, and leaves through the other side, crossing with the next image of the polar bears.

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